The dogs in rescue are constantly changing so if the right dog is not here today, she might be tomorrow.

Our Adoption Process

Step 1
Read the blog, visit us on Petfinder and get to know a little bit about the dogs we currently have looking for homes. Once you’ve decided that you might be interested in one, download and fill out an Application and e-mail it to us

Step 2
We will contact you usually within a few days. We will have MORE questions for you, and hope that you will have questions for us about the dog you are interested in. We like to come to your home, visit your family and make sure that the dog you are interested in could be a suitable match.

Step 3
We will arrange a vist with the dog you are interested in. This usually entails a walk, and/or just a visit.

Step 4
Go Home. Think About it. This could be a 10 or 12 year commitment. Call us back. Tell us if you are for sure committed.

Step 5
We will call you- usually within a few days. With a yes, you are approved, or a sorry, this dog isn’t for you.

Step 6
Meet again, go over the Adoption Contract, settle the adoption fee, and hand over records.

Step 7
You go home with your new pooch, and everyone goes home with a smile on their faces!

For information on dogs available for adoption, visit our Dogs page.