Saturday, October 27, 2007


To describe Tala in one word: Exuberant.

Tala is a Shetland Sheepdog Cross who we rescued off of the reserve a few months ago. She is approximately 10 months old and is a happy, friendly little dog.

She has been in a foster to adopt home for the past month and it was decided that although her family loved her they were not a suitable home for her. She has been moved to a different foster home and is working again on the basics of Kennel Training, Manners, and housetraining. Tala is not a hyper dog- but she is a high energy one. When she has been exercised she is nice and well behaved in the house- when she is not exercised she is a maniac :o) A cute maniac, but a maniac none the less.
Tala is great with other dogs and is having a blast playing at the daycare all day. She gets along with everyone and isn't particular about who she plays with. She is also learning how to respect kitties. She has springs for legs and amazing speed and agility for a dog who is so.....disproportioned. Tala is very athletic and loves to chase and play. She is great off leash at the dog run and can keep up with the big dogs.
Although high energy she is very affectionate. She likes to cuddle and enjoys any sort of attention. Tala is a pushy dog and has a hard time taking no for an answer- she is always convinced that you don't really mean get off the couch. She is learning though, and already in a week has come a long way.
Tala has been spayed and all of her vetting is up to date. Now we just have to find the right home for her!