Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Neena Update

Neena has really blossomed this past week- she has come out of her shell and has become quite a little adventurer. This dog is scared no more and enjoys peoples and adores other dogs. She is quite a player at the daycare and has a great time chasing all the big dogs around. Neena has also discovered her voice :o) and is finding that the cats are great entertainment. They of course do not run from her so she is not quite sure what to do with them.

Neena has also discovered that toys are a lot of fun- she is a great little tugger and loves squeaky toys. She is still calm and affectionate when she is relaxed and loves massages and belly rubs. We cut her nails for the first time without much fuss, and she thinks the brush is a great source of amusement. I took her out to the agility field this week and she had great fun chasing Sarah around- she jumped on the table no problem and posed for the above picture.
Neena is a doll and is a great puppy- her housetraining is coming along great and so far we have had only three accidents in a week- pretty good for a baby!!!

With her athletic build and strong drive I am sure that Neena will make a GREAT performance dog or an awesome jogging partner!!!