Thursday, October 18, 2007

Studs and other nonsense...

I am addicted to those online classified sites- kijiji, hoobly etc. I read them mostly for entertainment as usually people have all sorts of junk for sale. Unfortunately there are alos lots, and lots of dogs for sale. People also advertise their "stud" dogs; hoping to make a quick buck or pass on their dogs "great" genes. People amaze me.

Here are a few favorites from today.

"Hi this is bubbles My one yr. old Jack Russell terrier. He is a smooth coated, is about 14 1/5 inches tall and has beautiful straight teeth. Stud fee is pick of the litter or the cost of one pup. I live in Edmonton Alberta an can drive about an hr away to meet. If you have any questions or would like to see more pics feel free to e-mail me. "
Beautiful straight teeth eh??? Must be a winner.

"German Shepherd for stud. Very obedient and smart. Pretty pretty boy! Has had a litter before. He is a more straight backed Shepherd which makes his build better then the problems the really slopped shepherds have."
Uh Huh....I know for a fact that this dog has a buggered up leg, temperament problems and comes from backyard breeding himself....ugh.

I am looking for a Chocolate Lab Stud for a Breeding in the summer of 08. , It will be with my Female Chocolate lab. If you are interested please contact me and I will give you more information on payment and my girl.
So I am assuming that she has a waiting list of people wanting a dog, has done all of the health testing, that her dog is ofa'd and cerf'd, that she is aware of the risks of breeding and having a litter, is prepared to possibly have to pay for a c-section, is also prepared to raise 12 puppies from birth to 12 weeks, knows that raising a little costs a tremendous amount of money and the quite possibly she will be unable to even give those suckers away when the time comes.

My name is Mario, and I am a 2 year old boy who is just looking for the right girl..... hopefully she is a border collie
My adopted parents would like to see me become a "Dad",
I am a extremely obediant, easily trained, very conscientious, playful, full of energy, very healthy, well mannered, cuddly and sweet Border Collie Heeler cross. I am such a good boy with lots of different types of people; and dogs! My adopted Mom says I get my temperment from my biological Mom, I am just like her!
My biological Mom is a purebred Border Collie, and my biological Dad is a purebred Blue Heeler. My bio parents were both farm "working" dogs, and although I know how to heard, and work, I am kind of spoiled and I don't have to work....
Oh yeah and I have my vet stuff up to date too...
I have a beautiful coat with distinct black and white border collie markings, my adopted Mom says I would make beautiful puppies!
I would like to sire a litter of Border Collie pups, please call my parents if you are interested, thank you!

Okay- this one really annoys me- hopefully for obvious reasons!

So I don't really want everyone to think that the people (okay, me) of PDCR are jerks. Really. I am not. I may be bossy and opinionated but really I am a nice person. The reason these types of ads annoy me is I am the one who has to deal with the dogs that no one wants, the dogs that end up on death row, the dogs who for one reason or another end up in my care so that I can fix them. It is a never ending cycle of dogs. People don't realise that yes- our city euthanises dogs, yes, not a half an hour away there are dogs starving to death, being beaten and tortured. No one cares. It is depressing, and I guess in my case it just really pisses me off.

So I apolagize for my little rant but I am a little fed up at the moment.