Wednesday, December 12, 2007

6 dogs in one day

Yesterday was a record day. But not in a good way. We took in six dogs yesterday. Thankfully we have found temporary foster homes for all of them. I am still looking for a foster home for one of the cattle dog pups, aswell as a Terrier Savvy- no cats or other dogs foster home for Jade.

Because I am a sucker and need to learn how to say no, we took in two more of the Cattle dog cross puppies. They are super cute and I couldn't send them back to the barn.

Rika- is a small black and white version of cola, she has a very cattle dog face with a pointy little nose, and fine features. She is very sweet and smaller than what you are thinking! Although she is scared she really wants to meet people and will "sit pretty" in an effort to look even cuter!

Oreo- is a bigger, more pointer like version of Forrest. He has a very masculine head and very boxy features. He has green eyes and will look very much like a pointer when he grows up. He is very handsome and has lots of courage :o)

And as planned we took in two small dogs last night-

Mouse, a 3 year old Shih Tzu/American Eskimo cross who is super sweet and very well mannered. and her Mom, Tasha a 5 year old Miniature American Eskimo who is also very mild tempered and loves to hang out with people. These dogs belonged to an elderly gentleman whose failing health prompted a call to us.

The final two were an emergency. Natalie got a call this morning from a woman whose Husband was threatening to shoot the dogs. Two Jack Russells. The problem? Two intact terriers living together with not enough rules and boundaries. Of course we took them.

Jade is the dominant one of the two- she picks fights with other dogs and has serious cat problems. She is very terrier and will need a terrier smart home. Jade has very high prey drive and is peaceful with cats and other dogs until they start to run- that's when she goes into overdrive and turns her ears off :o)

Sweet Pea is the calmer of the two. She is half the size of Jade and is very sweet. She would like to spend her days curled up on someones lap- under a blanket of course :o) She is all about comfort and is a very girly girl.

Both dogs are two years old. They are littermates. They are good with children and people. Jade and Sweet Pea are "Shorty Jacks" meaning they have shorter legs and a bit longer body. If you are interested in either of these two great little dogs I encourage you to do some reading:
They will make someone great little companions but it is important that their new family understand terriers.

I will have pictures updated on here today.