Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jade and Sweet Pea

Jade and Sweet Pea are the two Jack Russell Terriers that we rescued on Tuesday. They came from a "breeding" home where they were crated much of the time. We recieved a call on Tuesday morning from the owner of the dogs- saying that her husband was threatening to shoot the jacks. The reason? they are terriers who have never learned that there are rules and boundaries. Jade and SP are full littermates- and are just two years old. They are "shorty" jacks- meaning that they are shorter than the average jack and also have a longer body. Both dogs are crate trained and great with people. They are friendly but Sweet Pea can be a bit cautios. Jade loves everyone!

This is Jade

She is a great little dog and nothing at all like the previous owners said she was. She does have a high prey drive and cannot live with cats. She will chase them and hurt them if she catches them. She won't seek them out, and can be face to face no problem but when the cat runs she kicks into overdrive. Jade has pretty good housemanners. She has had one accident, but is still learning the layout of the house. She likes to cuddle and will do anything to get your attention. She sleeps in a crate at night and is not a big barker. Jade has a history of dog aggression aswell but is doing great at my house and is participating in the daycare. I wouldn't trust her in a small space with another female, but she would live peacfully with a male dog no problem. Jade has been vaccinated and will be spayed in the next week.


The pictures don't do her justice- but trust me, she is the cutest thing going. She has a little heart shape spot on her back and is the smallest adult Jack I have ever seen. She is ultra submissive with other dogs but gets along well with them. She is easily overwhelemed by big dogs and will need some work to overcome that. SP loves people and is super cuddly. She would be perfectly content to lay on your lap all day.

The girls are going to be spayed on Tuesday!

If you are interested in either of these two great little dogs I encourage you to do some reading:

They will make someone great little companions but it is important that their new family understand terriers. Jade especially must go to a home that has a good idea of how terriers think....