Friday, January 4, 2008

Buckie- A Happy Ending

This is Buck- he is a past Rescue dog who is now much loved, and very spoiled. His owner sent me this picture a few weeks ago. Buck LOVES his chair....even in the winter she said!
Buck and his littermates were rescued from life as a stray on the reserve as puppies- by a woman who thought she could keep them all. She couldn't find a house to have all of these dogs- there were four I beleive. So she would turn them loose on the reserve and come out once a week to feed them and cuddle with them. Really, I'm not joking. We convinced her to give Buck to us- but she wouldn't give up the others. He was in foster care for THREE MONTHS before being adopted. He is a perfect gentleman and is a really great dog. He has been with his family now for almost a year and is doing great- they wouldn't trade him for the world!