Monday, January 21, 2008


Otto was so named because of his ears...kind of airplane like :o)
Otto Lilienthal invented the first successful manned gliders and established the concept of the airman — a skilled pilot who controlled his aircraft and carefully balanced it while in the air.
The name fits him somehow ;o)
He is 4 months old and is an All Canadian Mutt. He's got a little bit of everything in him- some shepherd, some lab and a little bit of Great Pyrenees. Whatever he is he is pretty sweet.
Otto loves to be close to you and is very affectionate. He is a little shy when you first meet him but warms up quickly. Otto hasn't had a lot of socialising so is a little overwhelmed by other dogs at first- but is going to a foster home with another dog so will get over that rather quickly. We will have more information on Otto after we've had him a little while.