Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Three legs are better than four!

Ruthie is doing AWESOME!!! She had her front leg amputated on Friday and already is pretty much back to her normal cheerful self! She is still supposed to be taking it easy but it is pretty hard to deny Ruthie toys! Now that the leg is gone her mobility will be even better as the leg isn't going to get in the way and be tripped on.
Three legged dogs do amazingly well and in Ruthie's case she hadn't been using that leg for a long time so she has had no problems adjusting! Now what we need is for someone to open up their home and their heart for her! Ruthie is officially available for adoption!
Thanks to all of the people who donated to help cover the cost of Ruthie's surgery!
For more information about three legged dogs I found this great site!
It talks about bone cancer aswell but has lots of great information about three legged dogs.