Monday, January 28, 2008

What a good dog!

I had the pleasure of looking after Wyatt this weekend and I cannot believe what a great dog he is!!! This dog was petrified and spooky just under two weeks ago. Now- he is happy, confident and calm. He was a perfect gentleman in my house- and is a great footwarmer. Wyatt LOVES to snuggle and would happily lay on your lap all day if you let him. I kept telling him he was a bit too large to pass as a Shih Tzu!

Wyatt has learned how to sit for a cookie, and I started teaching him how to shake a paw. He is a very quick learner and really wants to make you happy. I brought him to the Dog Park at the daycare on Saturday and he did great with everyone! He was visiting, jumping on people and just being a happy guy! It was really nice to see.

Wyatt really needs a family to call his own- he is the type of dog who attaches himself really quickly so I'd like to see him in a home very soon. He is crate trained, is good when left alone, loves other dogs, is great with cats and loves to snuggle! What more could you want???!