Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Meet Wyatt, isn't he handsome?

Wyatt is an Australian Shepherd cross. He is just over one year old and is very, very sweet. He has had a pretty rough life and has lived in a kennel for 2 months. He has never been walked on leash- and is seriously lacking in the socialisation department.

He spent his first night at his foster home last night and did really well. He has decided that Sandy is trustworthy and gave her a big kiss and wag this morning. Wyatt appears to be very good with other dogs- he is enjoying having flirty Mira as a foster sister ;o)

With love, patience and time I think that this dog will be an OUTSTANDING companion. He is gentle, calm and will be completely devoted to his owner. Right now he is a bit shell shocked and learning how to live in a house, travel in a car, and go for walks.

Wyatt has been vaccinated and will be neutered later this week.