Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Down to 2

Can you believe we only have TWO dogs right now!? Wow. We have been doing great in the adoption department lately. It is down to Dory- the 4 month old Lab cross, and Sampson- the almost 1 year old Golden Cross!

Dory's foster mom has nothing but great things to say about her- she has caught onto housetraining amazingly fast and is learning how to ask to go out already. She is crate trained and never makes a peep. She is a great retriever and really loves sticks and toys. Overall she is just a great little pup!!!

In her own words;

" she is a real sweetie...totally into people..likes to sit on my knee and snuggle or lie on my feet and snuggle into my slippers for a nap...I call her the wiggly worm...a real little softie...and very good at figuring out which of my dogs like her and which say not so much...very respectful...No accidents at all in the house...she cruises the back yard with the other hounds and enjoys herself.."