Thursday, February 28, 2008

A whole lotta dog!

Kimi is an 18 month old Rottweiler who was surrendered after her owners couldn't spend enough time with her. She has spent the last three months pretty much alone in the backyard or in the garage- which is no life for a young active girl like Kimi!
Despite this, she has a fabulous personality- she is happy, does the famous rottweiler wiggle, and loves people. She has had lots of exposure to kids and enjoys other dogs company. She is not quite sure how to play with them but one on one she does well.
Kimi is housetrained but doesn't have great house manners- she doesn't realise she is a big dog and shouldn't be jumping around all the time. She really needs an outlet for her pent up energy and would make a great jogging partner! She is very athletic and needs a job.

What Kimi really needs is someone that she can learn to trust. Rottweilers are a guarding breed by nature and generally are "one person/family" kind of dogs. Poor Kimi has been bounced around is not sure who to trust! She really doesn't appreciate being grabbed and forced to anything. Trying to make her do something (like sit still in a bathtub- we learned this last night) will result in a warning grab. She doesn't actually bite but will tell you the only way she knows that she is worried about what you are doing.

It is important that before applying for Kimi that people interested do their research! I have included some links at the bottom of this post- with any breed- especially a strong willed one it is very important to understand what the dogs heritage and genetics tell it to do.

Kimi is a great dog- but she is not a lab- she is friendly, but reserved. Happy, but not overly enthusiastic, good with kids- but won't tolerate being poked and prodded. She is a very good Rottweiler!

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