Monday, March 24, 2008

Agility Anyone?

When Rika first came to us she was shy, sensitive and pretty much glued to your side. Now that she is becoming comfortable the inner demon has been released ;o) Rika LOVES to play, and will play with you or by herself. She is proving to be very quick and is the first to the toy- always. She will let the other dogs get it though, and is not a bully at all. In fact, Rika goes out of her way to be nice to other dogs and will share food, treats or toys with no hassle.

Rika's housetraining is coming along great- she is still uncertain how to ask to go out but will hold it until I notice her pacing. She is also learning that whining in the crate gets you no where and settles down right away. I have started teaching her some basics and she is catching in amazingly fast- she can sit, down, and is learning how to spin left and right. She can also shake a paw and sit pretty.

This little dog is a great jumper- and can easily climb fences- that's not to say that she does or will, but she can if she feels the need! So it will be imperative that Rika's family have a well secured fence and that she is not left outside alone- ever. She is very brave and isn't easily scared off- she is inquisitive and curious about all new things.

Rika is GREAT off leash and never strays far, she loves to run though and gets caught up in the thrill of the chase. As soon as you call her though she is on her way back to you at 100 MPH!

Now that I have scared you all with high energy Rika let me tell you what it is like to live with her. She is easy. She is quiet, and is learning how to stay on her bed when told. She loves to cuddle and will try and squeeze in as close as she can. She is learning that I don't always want her in my lap however and has figured out that she has to be invited. She is also learning to sit for her food bowl to be put down, and that there are consequences for even thinking about chasing the cats. Her overall house manners are improving daily and I think with a little more work and attention she will become a GREAT house dog, and a GREAT performance dog!