Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Portia, Felix and Luna

Yesterday afternoon was very emotionally draining. You would not believe the things that we saw, and I will spare you the details. On the plus side we took out food for the starving dogs, and saved three little lives.

The two litter mates are approximately 6 weeks old. We found them, along with their mother and another sibling in a pile of garbage in an alley. The pups and mom were easily bribed to come close with hunks of rollover and kibble. It was very difficult to catch them as they didn't want to be touched and the momma dog was fiercely protective. Natalie managed to catch two but after that the mom and the last pup wouldn't come anywhere near us. We drove around and came back to try again with no luck.

The other little dog we got we passed once, dropped some food off to her, and came back after checking out some other areas. When we got back she was still there. Waiting. She very happily trotted up to us for more food. Natalie is already smitten with her.

The three rescues had a nice bath, or two. And for the first time in their lives had a safe, warm place to sleep for the night. Not one of them made a peep.

There were many, many beautiful dogs- dogs that no one cares about, and dogs that ultimately will die of starvation, the elements, or at the hand of people. How sad. But how lucky for the three we brought back.


The two litter mates we are guessing to be about 6 weeks or so. Already they have had bad experiences with people and will need a little bit of time to get over that. They are starving however and are easily bribed with food. They will need patience, love and time to come out of their shell.

Portia is a beautiful little thing. She is tan with black shepherd markings, her coat is smooth and short. She was the first pup to be caught. She will be the braver of the two once she gets her bearings. You can see the confidence in her eyes, and she will be an easy one to fall in love with. She is independent and has a temper that you wouldn't believe!!

Felix is a dreamer and will just sit and watch before joining in on the activities. He is very weak and his lack of nourishment is very evident. He is much more calm than his sister, but at this point it is mostly due to his health.

***Neither of these pups are ready for their new homes. They will be held in a foster home until they are healthy. But we will take applications. *****

Luna is approximately 6 months old. She is very grown up and is quite a serious little pup. Her life has not been easy and she is very underweight. Despite that she is happy, friendly and wants in the worst way to be touched. She has very expressive eyes and a gentle tail wag. She wants to do the right thing but at this point has no idea what that might be! She is all black with a hint of brown on her legs. I think that she will come around very quickly in the right home. Because she is so underweight she will not be spayed right away.