Monday, March 3, 2008


Dory is growing up to be quite the little lady. This pup went from frozen on the side of the highway, to a very typical little pup. She is one of the smartest pups I have met, catching on to housetraining, tricks, and basic obedience really quickly. She is great with other dogs and is a very playful pup. The nice thing about Dory is that she settles down really quickly and is a very easy little dog to have around!

Zane is doing great at his foster home and has proven himself to be a very easygoing kinda guy. He is getting along great with the other dogs and is learning house manners. Zane is the kind of dog that only has to be asked once and if he knows how- he'll do it. He wants to please in the worst way and really loves people. Zane is going to be neutered this week and then will be ready for his forever home.

Bo is a very happy guy who is really adjusting well. He is a great housedog- never making a mess or fuss. He is fine in the house for a few hours by himself and is just an all around great dog. Bo is good with other dogs, cats and people. He is good on a leash, and knows some tricks. This guy would make a great hiking or jogging partner!

Chyna has taken the weekend to adjust to her new foster home and she is doing great. She is very much a "girl" and considers herself to be a princess. She is a great pup- who despite her age seems like an adult. She is great in the house and really enjoys the other dogs company.

Kimi is in a great foster home who despite their allergies to her are sticking it out for a little while longer. They are doing a great job with her and we are starting to see improvements in her personality already. Kimi seemed like a dog always on the edge- hyper to the point of frenzy and a dog who quite obviously has had nothing done training wise. In just one weekend the edge is gone, she is not calm- but is definitley more manageable, and is responsive and quick to learn. She will be an amazing dog when she gets it together!