Friday, April 25, 2008

The Full Story- and a Contest.

The Gov't is in the process of building new houses for the residents of the reserve. They have started laying the foundations and so far that is all. We recieved a distressing call yesterday about two puppies who were thrown into one of the foundations. That is about an 8 ft drop onto cement.

Natalie drove to Fort Macleod (where they were holding them for us) to pick them up. Sadly the girl puppy had to be euthanised- she was too weak and too small after her trauma.

The little boy puppy however is so far doing great. He is young- about 5 weeks old and really misses his mom and siblings. He has a great little personality though and really loves to be cuddled and held. He is obviously a little fighter and already has beaten the odds. He is not ready for adoption quite yet but if you think you might be interested you are more than welcome to put in an application on the little guy.

Speaking of which we need names- yes, even though the little girl puppy died she needs a name too. Because we paid for her euthanasia she was technically a PDCR dog and all PDCR dogs deserve a name. So- we are open to suggestions!

In the comment section post your name suggestions- if your name is chosen we have a special prize- and of course you will have gotten to name two very special little dogs. Please make sure to include your email address in your comment (if you aren't comfortable with that you can email me privately at

The contest ends Tuesday, April 29th.