Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Eager to Please
Willing to Learn

and did I mention Handsome?

This is a list of Jimi's best traits. He is proving himself to be a wonderful dog. Jimi has already learnt that walking on a leash is fun and that having a bath isn't so bad. He loves people and is a very friendly guy. Jimi also seems to really enjoy other dogs and I think that he will make a great playmate for someone.

When he arrived yesterday he was in pretty horrible shape- matted, covered in poop and just plain dirty. He right away recieved a bath and his thick coat took three washings to get clean!

He handled the bath pretty good and didn't fight with me at all about having his feet, ears and face washed. I think Jimi is the kind of dog that is just going to do whatever you want him to!

He is not completely housetrained but is learning about crates and will almost happily go into one now. This is one very smart dog- he catches on to things very quickly and with a little training will make a great family dog.

We are not 100% sure about his parentage but from the looks of him we think Cattle dog crossed with an Aussie- he has a thick Aussie coat, and has the traditional Aussie head shape and ear set. Whatever he is we think he's pretty handsome!!!