Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Little Wiggly...

Meet Darby.

She is very Wiggly.

Darby wandered onto someones acreage and promptly made herself at home. After a few run ins with the cattle it was decided she would be shot- or moved somewhere else. So here she is.

We are guessing she is between a 3 and five years old. From the way she acts, and looks it seems like she has not had an easy life. She is very much a "farm dog." The fellow who had her thought that with a little work she could even be useful with the cattle but he had neither the time, nor the inclination to do so.

Darby is a very typical border collie in that she adores people. She loves to be pet, and starts wiggling and slinking from a few feet away. Unlike some Border Collies this one appears to be GREAT with cats. She was not bothered at all by it and was quite respectful.

She doesn't seem to know much in the way of obedience- but does sit, and I am sure will be a quick learner. Darby loves to play- and is a fabulous tugger. She is eager to make you happy, and is not an off the wall hyper dog. With a little bit of work this dog will make someone VERY happy. She is just a nice dog to have around!