Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So all the little dogs were adopted over the weekend. And still we have some fantastic dogs waiting for their homes. I will be posting some courtest listings this afternoon so check back later.

Piper is an amazing dog and would make a great agility dog- or a jogging partner. She is a Rottweiler cross and is just a nice dog to live with. She is calm in the house but loves her exercise! She is learning manners and can sit and down now. She also has better leash manners and is getting better and better with other dogs.

Darby has really come out of her shell and I just melt when I see her. Even though she is an older dog she has so much left to give. Darby is a GORGEOUS little border collie with a great personality. She will fetch for hours if you let her but is content to lay at your feet in the house. She has a true border collie personality- soft and squishy until you ask her to work. The pictures I have of her don't do her justice!

Isis has settled into her new foster home and is doing great- she is confident and outgoing and is learning all about real life. She is becoming good on a leash, and is learning basics like sit and stay. Isis is a beauty who would be well suited for any type of home- she is proving herself to be great in any situation.

TJ is a marshmallow and is a total push over when it comes to other dogs. He is a sweetheart and will follow behind you happy and content all day. He is learning that toys are fun and is doing better in the manners department!

Dax has really become an excellent dog. This dog would excel at agility or flyball. He is meant for speed and has the drive and enthusiasm to go forever. He has been neutered and is doing great in the housetraining department. No more marking for this fellow! Dax is great with other dogs and is happy, friendly and outgoing. He is happiest playing fetch and will do anything for a tennis ball. His manners are improving and his recall is now pretty reliable. This handsome fellow is ready for a home of his own!