Thursday, August 14, 2008


Happy is a 2 year old Maltese. Happy isn't very Happy at the moment but with a little love, security and understanding this wonderful little guy will make someone very happy.

Happy needs to go to an experienced home. He is a little nervous and will need socialising and patience to help him get over himself. His foster home reports that he is a sweet dog who is just unsure of what is expected of him. It is important with Happy that he go to a home where there are no young children. He likes older kids just fine but will not tolerate being grabbed by a toddler.

He is a playful little guy and especially likes his soft toys. He is good with other dogs, but can be intimidated by dogs bigger than him. He is used to cats and does really like people. He is friendly but needs to decide for himself if he should approach or not.

Happy's story is one that we see often. He was originally owned by a family who had no pet experience, and it wasn't long until Happy thought he was the boss. You see, even little dogs can have BIG personality! He was sold out of the paper to very caring people, but they soon realised he was too much for them. So here he is. Looking for a home where he will be treated like a dog, and taught proper manners and just general good behaviour!

I will have pictures up in the next day or so!