Monday, September 29, 2008

6 additions and Brian Update

So first I have to tell you all that Brian is doing great! The surgery went well and Brian will make a full recovery. He is in quite a lot of pain right now but already is moving around better than before. Yay for Brian!!!

In other news we took in a litter of 4 day old puppies. Natalie is bottle feeding.
We got a call from a rescue that was out in Cardston doing a spay/neuter clinic. They had seen the mom dog try to cross the highway and she was hit and instantly killed. They could tell she had pups so combed the area looking for them. Thankfully they found them.

Without foster homes they too are unable to take in too many dogs so they called and asked if we had space. We don't reallly, but we took them anyway.

There are 6 of them- about 4 days old- their eyes aren't open yet, but they are fat and happy. The mom was doing a good job of raising them so far. Because there are 6 of them, and for those of you who know Natalie know how much she likes her beer. We are dubbing them the 6pack. Individual names to come!

The pups are all different. There are three Golden colored ones, a black and tan, a brindle, and a black and white. They will be med-large sized dogs when they are full grown.

I hope to have photos tomorrow for you guys. In the mean time if anyone is interested in bottle feeding, or just going over to visit Brian I know he'd love visitors!
Call Natalie at 403 381-2518