Monday, September 22, 2008

Dog Days of Rescue

We've created a beautiful book, full of quotes and gorgeous pictures of our rescue dogs. It is a one of a kind book- designed by yours truly.

I have gone through and selected the best photos of our past dogs and paired them with some famous, and not so famous quotes. It truly is beautiful.

The books are ready for sale now- and all profits will be coming right back to us. The books are $30 each- we make $10.00 per book- and I am sure they will be fast sellers.

I have some for sale at Paws on the Run- 242 12 St. N, and will have order forms available for the next order.

You can email me at to add your name to the list or for more information!

The books were made through and they have a handy preview feature- I invite you all to go and check it out! Preview the Book Now!

For convenience, you are also able to order the book directly from!