Tuesday, September 16, 2008


UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 18TH. Shasta is indeed pregnant- and a few weeks too far along to spay/abort. So in approximately two or three weeks she will be having pups- the xray showed 4-6, but that could change- hopefully 4. :o) and not all black....
If you looked up Wiggly in the dictionary you would see Shasta's picture. She is full of wiggles, and is just a very sweet little dog. Shasta is a lab cross but is smaller than you would think. She is just over knee height and around 35lbs.

Shasta wandered into Cardston off the reserve and was picked up by the shelter. She stayed at the shelter- unclaimed and starving for attention until her last day. And then we saved her.

She appears to be around 9 months old- and is either pregnant or had puppies recently. We will know for sure this afternoon. She has lots of old war wounds- both phyisically and mentally- some that have healed, and others that are just starting to. Shasta loves people but is pitifully shy about it- she presses herself to the ground and crawls on her belly to you. It is heart breaking.

Already in just a few days she is coming around though- she has gotten used to a collar. But still is very worried when she feels a leash attached. Her foster home reports that she is good in the house- asking to go outside. She likes to cuddle- and sadly has no idea about toys. Her foster dog brother and sister are working on teaching her though! I am sure she will learn in no time the wonderful joy of having a family who loves you!

If Shasta is pregnant and is too far along to spay she won't be for adoption until after the pups are weaned. We will be taking applications on her though! Stay tuned for more updates!