Monday, October 6, 2008


We are in DESPERATE need for a foster home for Seeker. He really is a great dog- he just can't be in a home with cats. If anyone would be willing to foster him even for a few days until we can find somewhere permanent it would be greatly appreciated.

He adores kids
He is good with other dogs
He is well behaved
He is housetrained
He is good in a crate
He is easy to live with
oh, and he adores kids!

Anyone? Someone? Please?

Call Natalie at 381 2518 or Amanda at 330 5370 for more info

And on the plus side we've had some adoptions recently- Zoey, Shady, and Brian have all gone to their new homes!

Shasta has another xray today- we are expecting pups any day now.

The 6 pack are doing well- growing like weeds. Tammy is doing a great job with them!

We've had no applications or interest in Max and I don't know why! He is a great little dog- no issues in his foster home, loves to play, likes to go for walks and runs. All in a all a great little dog- on three legs!

and that's that for news!