Friday, October 17, 2008

Puppy Updates!!!!

UPDATE: As of November 16 the only pup left is Guiness. New photos coming soon.

I just came back from visiting the puppies and oh my goodness are they ever growing!!!! They look more like dogs, and less like hamsters now!!! They are starting to form their own little personalities but I expect that they will change a lot more in the coming weeks.

he's a laid back sort of guy- who is really enjoying nap time these days! He loves to snuggle and is a very affectionate little pup!

he is smaller than his brother Foster and is a little more spunky at this age- he too likes a good cuddle but he is quite playful and active.

he's a talkative little guy who already knows how to use his voice! He is wrestling with his littermates already, and begs to be picked up!

Guiness- he is the giant of the group and is double the size of little Moxie. His unique brindle coat is even more striking now and you can really see that this is going to be one handsome dude when he's grown up. Guiness is very laid back and likes feeding time- alot!

Moxie- very, very Shar Pei like- except for the color that is! She has a bristle type coat like a shar pei and her wrinkles are just amazing, even her legs are wrinkley! She is very bossy, and had no problem beating up her big brother Guiness!
UPDATES ON THE Pirates soon!