Monday, December 15, 2008

A little Jewel

Jewel is a ten year old Chihuahua. She was surrendered to rescue when her owners suddenly developed allergies.
She is a sweetie who loves to snuggle under the covers, and is content to lay on your lap for as long as you'll let her. She still has lots of "get up'n go" in her though and has been having fun playing with another Chihuahua in her foster home.

Jewel has a good appetite, and has surprisingly good teeth. She has had a few dental surgeries done already and has been spayed, vaccinated, and is ready to go to her new home.

Jewel would LOVE to be someones spoiled little baby. An elderly couple, or a retired single person would be perfect. She is good with cats, and other dogs, but is easily overwhelemed by bigger dogs. She is good with people and is not too yappy. She can be a little unsure of smaller kids, but as long as they are gentle with her she is good.
Her foster home sent along these videos of her playing with her little foster sister Roxy