Saturday, December 27, 2008


UPDATE: Jan 2, 2009

Jessie is doing great and has really settled into his foster home. They've done a fantastic job with him and he is now living mostly peacefully with the other dogs in the house. He is not a mean dog at all and is very, very sweet. He loves to cuddle, and is a perfect little buddy in the house. He will carry around jsut about anything (including his food dish) and is just a great little dog.


You've all read the post from Natalie a few days ago about the dog that was tossed over her fence.

We've managed to track down his original owners who are mortified that this has happened to him. They had sold him to a family just over a month ago when their own baby developed allergies. For whatever reasons his new owners didn't want him anymore. We've left a few messages, and emails all of which have gone unanswered.

So- Jessie will be available for adoption in the next few days. We've already had him neutered and he is in a great foster home learning about rules and manners.

Jessie is about 6 months old and is Chocolate and White Cocker Spaniel. He has been started on crate training and housetraining, but still has occasional accidents. He is a very sweet puppy, but he has not had a stable life so is a little out of sorts.

He is very pushy and will need a dog saavy owner to help him with his issues. He has not been socialised with other dogs and can be reactive. He will lunge and growl at another dog if there is food, or toys in the vicinity. His foster home is working on this, but it will be a long term project.

Jessie's problem is that he is insecure. He has been passed around and has not had a stable, loving environment to help him to learn to be a good boy. With a little work he will be wonderful.

Jessie's ideal family will be one without young children, and no other dogs. He would love to be someone's jogging buddy, and enjoys playing and running around in the snow. He needs an owner who understands dog behaviour, and one that can help to bring out the best in Jessie!