Friday, January 2, 2009


I don't suppose it will surprise you if I told you it's freakin' cold out there!!! And because of the cold you can imagine just how awful all the homeless dogs on the reserve are doing.

A few days ago we recieved a call from a trucker who found two puppies on the side of the road in Brocket. Of course we told him to bring them on in. They are the most adorable little things- but are not quite what we expected.

First off, although they are tiny (think Sheltie/Jack Russel Size) they are full grown. The vet put them about 7 months old! And, believe it or not we think they are Italian Greyhound cross!!! They have tiny little pointed faces, IG ears that turn out and backwards, and are very high stepping little dogs. It is strange to think of a tiny little Italian Greyhound on the reserve but purebred small dogs are quite often kept as "pocket pets" out there. Papillons and Shihtzus are the most common and this is the first time we've come across a mix like this! We aren't sure what they are crossed with- Shiba Inu maybe???? They have thick fur, and are around that size.

Osa is a really neat smoke black color-

she has hints of silver all throughout and is the smaller of the girls. She is very skinny and took the longest to rehydrate after being found. She is in good health though and is cleared to head off to her new home. Osa is playful and excited to see people. She likes to sit on your lap, but will be an active little thing when she's adjusted to the good life. She already likes toys, and is curious about the squeaking they make. She has figured out how to drink out of a bowl already, and is learning how to walk on a leash. Osa is not housetrained yet but her foster mom is working on it!!!

Pippy is a beautiful gold colored dog- with soft eyes and a cute pink nose. She is a little taller than her sister, but is still a waif like thing. She is a little reserved at first, but her little tail goes a mile a minute. She is ultra playful and will play with anything. She is getting used to living in a busy household and is doing great in the crate and is learning housetraining. She is very cute and cuddly, and is a total heartbreaker!

We went out to Stand Off yesterday and although there are far fewer dogs out there than last year (due to Pound Rescues Spay/Neuter task force) there are still many, many freezing, starving dogs out there.

We managed to track down one little pup, and an older pup. We tried very hard to catch a skinny little boxer but it has been beaten up by people and did not trust us even for food. We had to leave her behind, but hopefully will be caught in a few days in a live trap. Poor Girl.

The two dogs we did bring back are great little dogs though, and are very, very sweet. We named them after chips as all along the ditch leading into standoff there were piles of unopened potato chips! Weird eh?

Vikki is a little reddish colored female pup that is about 4 months old. She has a cute little face, Spaniel type ears and those eyes that make you say Awww! She is very happy, and is already coming around, she is learning about kennel training and so far hasn't made a peep. She has soft, thick fur, and is very cute. She loves kids, and is full of kisses and snuggles. She has been vaccinated, dewormed, bathed, and chipped.

Terra is a young dog, about 6 or 7 months old.

She is a Lab X and is a neat wheat/yellow color. She has a cute diamond pattern on her head, and is very affectionate. She is friendly, but is a little on the shy side in a home setting.

She is coming along quickly though, but is scared of shiny floors. She loves her crate though, and is content to sleep on her cushy bed! It will take a little adjustment to get into the swing of things but she has a heart of gold, and is a very soft little girl. It won't take long for her to come around that's for sure! She too has been vaccinatedd, bathed, dewormed and chipped.