Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Seek and ye shall find...

.....a wonderful dog!

Seeker is still looking for a home to call his own. I am absolutely amazed that this dog hasn't found his happy ending yet. He is smart, gorgeous, friendly, easy to live with, and loves to play.

He is just over a year old and is a Shepherd/Lab/Chow cross. He is great in the house and is completely housetrained. He is crate trained and even knows some tricks! He can roll over, shake a paw, and speak! He's a talented guy.

Seeker is good with other dogs but does have an "Alpha" personality. He LOVES to play though and has a great time at doggy daycare. He is also very good with kids, and adores them. He is very gentle and is abnormally calm when he is around them. For this reason I think he'd make a great family dog.

He is also a good "watch dog"- meaning that he will bark in the yard and at home if someone comes, or he is suspicious- but will quiet and be friendly if you tell him it's okay.

Seeker would do best in a home without cats as he does show quite an interest in them. He doesn't take no for an answer and is very, very curious.

Overall this boy is a great dog- he has the good looks, the personality, and the attitude that really makes him stick out. He has a great personality and is goofy, but serious when he needs to be. He is very sweet, and likes to cuddle. No one told him he was too big to be a lap dog!