Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Terra Transformed

Terra is another dog who has made a complete turn-around. In just under two weeks she has blossomed into a confident little dog. She came in scared, unsure, and shy- but is now happy, tail wagging, and is quite silly. Her inner retriever is shining through!

She has found the joy of toys, and the comfort of human companionship. She loves to snuggle and leans into you for attention. She loves a good belly rub, and is a great foot warmer.

Terra is discovering how to walk on a leash and loves to go to the park. She has a great nose and sniffs out lots on the walk.
She is turning out to be a great family dog and loves the kids in her foster home. She is also more comfortable with other dogs and is learning to play with them.
Terra has finally put on some weight and looks really good- we think she is about 8 months old, and is most definitely a lab cross of some sort. Like I mentioned she is very silly like a retriever and loves her people.