Monday, April 13, 2009


Meet Edie, she is a 4 month old Heinz 57 that we rescue from Cardston a few months ago. She is quite small for her age weighing only about 14 pounds so we do not think she is going to be a very big girl maybe about 30 pounds full grown.

She was found by a couple who were gassing up their vehicle at the Husky station in Cardston. They saw this poor baby and couldn't drive away and found a caring animal lady in Cardston who turned her over to us.

Upon intake of little Edie it was noted that something was wrong with her front legs and further x-rays showed there was defiantly something wrong.

Normally, there would be a 'wrist' bone connecting the toes to the 'fore arm' bone, not the case here. There are 5 or 6 fragments of what should be one bone. This doesn't look like a case of abuse or 'stepping on', just maybe a case of malnutrition or bone deformity. The prognosis from the vet was good, due to her young age there was a strong possibility the bone fragments would fuse together and you would never know she had this problem, or amputation.

She was kept in foster care until it was determined what would need to be done and we are happy to announce that with proper care, nutrition and lots of love, little Miss Edie is doing great. She is walking normally now and there is no need for amputation.

Edie is good with cats, dog and kids and is eagerly awaiting a home of her own.