Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today, I received the email below. It is very sad for Esther and family, but so very heartwarming for all to read.

Princess came from a kill shelter here in our area and I can remember the day so clearly. Doing intake for a rescue is stressful, you have to keep in mind that black dogs don't get adopted quickly, old dogs need that special home where the home is prepared to not have them forever....I find myself 'judging' dogs alot, but usually end up bringing them into our system no matter what!

This just proves that on that day, Princess had that twinkle in her eye that told me not to worry about her age, just to give her another chance to touch that special family that only had eyes for her. Thank you Esther for seeing past those cloudy eyes and grey hairs on her chin.

Dear Natalie,
I just wanted to let you know that last week we made the painful choice to let Princess go after her health rapidly declined, having many serious problems, to which age is destined. We adopted her nearly 6 years ago and she has been the most gentle sweet little companion anyone could ask for. The vet thinks she was 14 or perhaps older. I want people to know what happiness adopting an older dog can bring and even though saying goodbye is gut wrenching, I wouldn't have traded her for anything. She was no young pup, but she was calm and happy little dog to have around. We took her on camping trips where she loved to swim across the river back and forth keeping up to us while hiking and fishing. Though recently, she was completely deaf and partially blind, she wasn't any less treasured. It was a gift to be her retirement home and there is a big space left over from where she should be in our life. She was my faithful walking buddy nearly everyday and would stare me down if I felt lazy and tried to get out of it. Her companionship helped me through the death of my father and coping with depression. I had to keep getting up, and couldn't ignore her. I know what she gave me was so much more than I gave her. there is a lot of love in exchange for a warm bed and some food. She was always the welcoming committee for probably at least the 30 cats I have fostered while having her. I don't understand why people think adopting an older dog is a lost cause. She came housebroke, leash trained, gentle, never touched anything she knew wasn't hers and full of devotion and trust. It was truly a gift to have had her in our lives. I want you to know that not only does the work you do make a huge difference to the dogs you find homes for, but the people who get to have them in their lives. Maybe even more so. I know you had said you pulled her out of a shelter the day before she was set to be euthanized, and I am so glad you put yourself out of your way to save her.