Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yellow Dogs

Ever since I watched Funny Farm with Chevy Chase I have wanted a lab. If you haven't seen this movie I highly recommend it, it's hilarious. In the movie Chevy's character gets a springer spaniel who promptly runs away, and is seen in various takes running and barking on the hillside. To replace the run away he is given "yellow dog" who is a borderline comatose yellow lab, guaranteed not to run away. Ironically when we finally did adopt our lab, Duke, he reminded us so much of this dog that we nicknamed him yellow dog, even though he is black. Several years later I began work at doggie daycare, and was shocked when I met all the wild and crazy labs. I asked Amanda what was wrong with these labs and she told me that's how they usually are and Duke was a rarity.

Well meet another rarity, Milo! He is an 8 month old lab cross. The comment from everyone who meets him is how calm and easy going he is. Another yellow dog!

Don't get me wrong, all dogs need, and love exercise and Milo is no exception. He loves to play, but if you're busy he'll pick up a toy, throw it up in the air and play fetch on his own. Then when playtime's over he lays back and relaxes again. The best thing about yellow dogs is if you already have dogs, their calm assertive energy is felt through out the rest of your pack and can help your other dogs relax - yes I'm quoting Ceaser Milan here and yes he is my hero =).

Milo is also obedient, intelligent, listens extremely well, and does not pull when you walk him. He is also being a very good boy with his foster families cats and loves the kids. Milo has already got used to sleeping in his kennel at night, and gets up when you do. What more could you ask for?