Monday, April 27, 2009

Identity Crisis!!!

Poor Zak can't understand why no one wants him. During the past four weeks in foster care, he has worked very hard to perfect the fine art of being a good puppy. He doesn't mess in the house, loves to cuddle and will fall asleep while you watch TV. He loves a good wrestle with the big dogs. He is still super duper cute, but why does no one want him?
So, he has come up with a plan. His foster mommy has some baby lambs at her house and everyone thinks they are so cute. With all the attention going to the lambs, Zak has decided that he stands a better chance at being adopted if he were one of those cute lambs. Here are some pictures of Zak trying to 'blend in'!!!

Please, if you are a good home for Zak and think he deserves a home, get him quick before his first woof is a BAAA!