Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Results are In!

We had a great adoption fair this past Saturday. Lots of people came out to enter the draw for the prizes, ate some hot dogs and hamburgers, and most importantly, adopted some great dogs!

Not only did we have the dogs that were listed on the site, we debuted a few new ones that day too. We had three great little pups, of which, only one made it to the fair as a couple of the foster homes adopted the other two!!

We also debuted Ariel who didn't get adopted, so is still waiting for that great forever home, she is a 1 1/2 year old Heeler mix who is very sweet and learning more everyday about life in the city.

Bruce showed up to the fair so sure that he would have a home that night, but he too, went back to his foster home. He is a wonderfully laid back, well behaved, Rotti X. Bruce is about 5 years old and was found on the west side. A kind hearted lady picked him up, made all the calls that you do when you find a dog, and then they waited for the owners to call...and waited..and waited. No one ever called looking for poor Bruce. His foster family is totally in love with Bruce, he is great with kids, and their three other dogs.

Penny on the other hand, got a great home on Saturday!! We were all very excited to see such a precious girl go to a new home. She was very polite, as usual, while many people met her and talked about her, but she kept getting left. Then, that one special lady came back! for her, she liked her too and had kept watching at the gate, hoping she would come back. Penny's wish for the day came true.

Little Elly made an impression on alot of people, mostly our volunteers!! She is a little Border Collie? X puppy that was found all by herself in Magrath. A nice family has taken her in and asked our help in finding her a special home. Elly isn't very wild, yet!. She does take some time to warm up to you, but she was very brave on Saturday and received many hugs. We think she may have fell out of the back of a truck maybe as her left eye is 'shattered' and she no longer sees out of it. Despite this, she is doing very good at her foster home with house training and thinks her foster sister, a St. Bernard, is her mom!

Speaking of shy, our little Asia went home this weekend! She too was very brave at the adoption fair and had lots of people holding her and giving her hugs. She took it all in stride and it paid off. That special couple met her sparkly gaze and it was over for them! Asia gets a new brother, Charlie, that will help her keep learning how great it is to be owned and loved.

Asia's mom, Maya was at the fair, but decided that she wanted to stay in foster care a little longer! Maya was found on the reserve with Asia but she is much more outgoing. Maya went into the clinic on Thursday for her spay surgery and we were very surprised when the vet tech called to say they had 'found something' in her uterus. They had cut open her uterus as they could see something dark inside, and who would have ever expected that they found a bullet!!! Now, in my head, I pictured a slug, a big bullet, but no, it is a little bullet from a high powered air riffle. Still, whatever sized bullet, she had it in her, from being shot. So, we took an x-ray to see if there were any more, and yes, there is another bullet just beside her spleen. It is undecided if that second bullet needs to come out or not, but either way she will be fixed up. She sure is a survivor, to have been shot twice, healed, had puppies, and still be so happy and willing to give her belly for a belly rub, she is definitely a 'forgive and forget' kinda dog.

Cute little Brie had lots of attention on the weekend, didn't end up going home yet with anyone as we are still going thru applications and making calls to the people that are interested in her.

The boys, Lenny and Finn make good impressions too. Lenny went home with a family with some young girls that once they had seen him, wouldn't give him back! Finn, poor Finn, lots of people looked at him but no takers! Finn is such a wonderful little dog. One thing we over heard a couple of times is that people think that he is old, maybe because of his scruffiness? So, Finn will be going in for a beauty treatment in an attempt to make him look how is personality is!! Finn is just 2 years old, a Bishon X Poodle, non-shedding, white, and oh so cute. Very well behaved, not yappy, just happy!!

So, that is it! We had a few great adoptions, some great additions to the group and we, the four legged ones of the day, went home with sun burns!! What a great day is was, and we'd like to thank all the businesses that donated items for the prized tables, to M&M for supplying the hot dogs and hamburgers, to McLennen Fencing for the fencing, and to you, the public for coming out to meet us, enter the draws, and cuddle the dogs. If you were able to add a dog to your house hold that day, CONGRATS!! from all of us at PDCR.

Reminder: We are getting together at Gyro Park on the first Tuesday in June. Please come out to meet the dogs, old and new.