Saturday, June 20, 2009

Flower Power!

We took in these sweet little girls from the spay/neuter clinic two weeks ago. Their mom was one of the dogs brought in for a spay, and the owner didn't want the pups back. So, they went off to a great foster home just outside of Calgary with a little puppy yard where they could relax and get healthy. The foster mom,Julie, is very proud of her little girls and sends me tonnes of pictures almost every day! Thanks Julie, they are so cute.





The girls are said to be super playful, cuddly and attentive. They are getting along great with their foster sister, a Golden. They are paper trained and are getting the hang of going outside to do 'business', not just play. The girl's are all just under 5 pounds right now, they are 9 weeks old. Their mom was a very petite small medium sized dog, about 35 pounds, dad is unknown. We think that the pups will be very petite and small. In comparison, Reese, the little Chocolate puppy, she is only about 7 weeks and already weighed 10.5 pounds! These girls are tiny. When we first got them, they were smaller then most adult Chihuahuas that I know. They will be joining us here in Lethbridge in the next week or so, but we accepting applications now.