Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Scooter's Transformation

Meet Scooter then.....

And now, introducing Prince Charming himself.....Scooter now!!!

Scooter is a male bichon cross and is almost a year old. He came to us along with his sisters, who you will hear more about later, when a caring neighbour called to see if we could help find them homes as their owner passed away.

Scooter was quite shy in his first few days with us, but with love and patience of his great foster home he is doing great! Here is what his foster mom has to say about him....

He's totally coming out of his shell! He does a little bum wiggle dance when I come home and couldn't be happier to hang out and play in the yard. Ok...well he doesn't really play yet, but he tags along behind and watches the action. Oliver has even managed to coax him into a couple (brief) games of chase. He hasn't had one single accident in the house! He's totally crate trained, sleeps happily through the night, and doesn't mind spending time in an x-pen chewing on a bone. At first he wouldn't go through doorways or have anything to do with stairs, but now he bolts through the house and rips up and down the stairs. He's very, very mellow and doesn't seem to need much exercise. I think he would love a calm home to give him kisses and cuddles all day.

So Scooter is awaiting your applications so he can spend his first birthday in his new home!