Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Trooper Keeps Trooping

Well, little Doc had another bandage change on Tuesday. The results of the exam weren't good. The vets have been able to rotate his leg alot, but not enough that he will ever walk properly, or without pain and possibly need many surgeries in the future.

The decision to amputate is something that we try to use as a last resort, so we sent him and his xrays up to a vet in Calgary. They met today and the vet there was in complete agreement that amputating his leg is going to be the best thing, long term, for Doc. He is in a great foster home in Calgary now, and due to his special needs right now, the vet is getting him into surgery first thing tomorrow, Friday, morning. His foster dad is going to wait at the clinic for the day and I am going up also to check in on him. He should be out of surgery and on his way to his Calgary foster home around 4 tomorrow. Then, he will get to relax and get spoiled there for about a week, then come back to Lethbridge. I will get word to the group after his surgery and someone will be able to post a comment on this entry saying how he did.