Sunday, August 9, 2009

Update on Doc

Well, we promised an update sooner then this, but the weekend got away on us! Doc did very well during the surgery, of course he did!, he was asleep!! The waking up part was pretty bad for the little guy as that is when the pain and confusion starts. Poor Doc was in alot of pain and looking for someone to help him. His foster dad, Chris, did a great job this weekend of being very attentive to Doc and tried so hard to help him manage. Chris told me how even thru the pain, Doc still ran to the door to ask to be let out to pee! What a good and smart little man. Doc is already adjusting to life with three legs, he is bounding around the house and yard with only a few tumbles when he tries something too fast and is thrown off balance. Here is a picture of Doc after the surgery.

We are looking forward to bringing Doc back to Lethbridge later on in the week.