Monday, September 28, 2009

Average Mutt?

Nate is a dog that you might look at, but then you'd probably look away. He is your average mutt in looks. Kinda tall, very long legs, nice markings, but nothing special. Well, that is what I thought and didn't realise the 'dog within.'

This is Nate

Not only does he look good, but look what he started offering me to get a treat during our photo shoot. I had no idea he could do all this!

Here is the basic 'sit'.

Here is his 'shake a paw', still didn't shock me.

Then, OK, the 'lay down', kinda a natural progression after the sit and shake a paw. But I was intrigued by this time.

Now the shocker!!! He went from a lay down into a perfectly executed 'roll over'!!

Who knew?!! Nate was turned into a local shelter by a lady who claimed to have found him, but it was later discovered that she actually owned him, but wouldn't tell the bylaw officer what he had done or what changed in her circumstances to make Nate homeless. She obviously worked very hard with Nate to teach him all these tricks. He is also wonderful to walk with, doesn't really pull and will happily lope beside you for as long as you want to walk.

Nate isn't really great at meeting new dogs, he is only about 10 months old and kind of 'rushes' new dogs. Some think its fun and take it as a playful gesture, other dogs thing he is way too pushy and that he needs a good growl. Either way, he's happy. He is also great in his crate. He doesn't complain to go in, you just need to say 'Crate', and he'll walk right in and get comfortable for the night.

Because he is a still a puppy, he does love to play. He will carry his treasures around the house for hours to make sure that everyone has seen what he found and gives them a quick game of tug to let us attempt to steal it away from him. We always let him win the prize and he is always so happy, he trots right back to the dog bed and holds the toy until someone new arrives for him to show it to.

(In case you were wondering what the wooden square shaped thing in the background of the pictures is - thats my son's 'ant corral'! He puts fallen crab apples in there to feed the ants)