Thursday, September 24, 2009

A True Gem

We would like everyone to meet one of the new girls in town.... this is Pearl.

Pearl's owner passed away and some kind neighbours took care of her until she came to stay with us.

Her foster mom has nothing but good things to say about her....
"Pearl has been such a wonderful girl since she got here. I think I have maybe heard her bark 3 times since she got here 2 weeks ago. She gets along wonderfully with our Great Dane, loves to play. She would probably drowned our children in kisses if she got the chance!! She is soooo eager to please and LOVES to be loved and petted.
When we go on our walks (or I should say my runs) She doesn't go very far off leash. And when I call her she comes back instantly and sits right in front of you. She sits and lays down on command. When we are coming back from the morning run I have the 2 dogs walk beside me off leash and she does VERY well. We are still needing to work on jumping up. But she's just so darn excited!!! She hasn't had any accidents indoors.
I can, without a doubt, honestly say she is the BEST foster dog I've had. She is so pleasurable to be around. If I didn't already have a dog she would honestly be the dog I'd want!! Somebody is going to be VERY lucky to have her and I'm gonna hate to see her go!!!"

If you are interested in Pearl please send us your application, a good girl like this will not be around for too long!