Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Special Thank You.... From Shelby

Yesterdays mail arrived and when it was opened there was a very nice surprise for us but more importantly for Shelby. This donation was substantial and combined with the donations we received from the adoption fair it will cover almost the full cost of her surgery.
As you may recall Shelby is currently being evaluated for her leg injury, the x-rays have been sent off to several orthopedic specialists and we are awaiting their recommendations on how to proceed with her care and treatment.
Shelby would like to say a very special thank you for the generosity of those people (you all know who you are) who have contributed to her surgery costs. We would also like to give a very HUGE thank you too, it is with the support of people like yourselves that we are able to continue the work that we do and these donations could not have come at a better time.