Monday, May 31, 2010

We only have three little cuties in the group right now, and they are as follows:

Cute as a button. You may recognise her as Sera from a few weeks ago. She was on a trial visit with a wonderful couple that loved her so much and were so good to her, helped her come out of her little shell. Circumstance beyond their control made them have to bring her back this evening. She is still adorable, just with a bit more confidence. They were full time workers, Sadie was so good, they let her have free roam of the house while they were away, she is a little cuddle bug, great with all people, cats and other dogs. She is about 3 years old and a Chihuahua X Daschund. (Oh, she responded much better to Sadie, hence the name change)

Little Man Johnny

He is still here! Don't know why, been on the blog, Petfinder, in the Herald, all the usual home-finding spots, and nothing. He too is a Daschund X Chihuahua, and is now about 8 months old. He loves other dogs and really comes out of his shell with another dog to take the lead. He spent the first 7 months of his life in a lonely, dark basement, so he has had quite the adjustments to make. He now knows that people aren't scary, they will feed him, take him for walks to visit other dogs, and they will let him curl up beside them on the couch at night. He too is great with kids and cats, and really would love another dog in his new home.


He knows how to work those eyes, let me tell you! Patches is 3 years old and is the newbie. He is a Bishon X Shih Tzu. He is very quiet, in fact his foster home has never heard a peep from this little guy. He is house trained, will curl up on the couch beside you as well, good little player with toys and kids. Doesn't bother with the cats either, good boy.


She is still here too! Daisy is a diva, plain and simple. She is a 3 year old MinPin. Her foster home commented that she has made huge improvements in the house training area for the last few weeks. She is super outgoing, loves her people and is very loyal. Gets along with other dogs of all sizes and cats too. Kids are her favorite, but they need to know that she is delicate and can't be wrestled with. A good game of tug with a small toy will make her so happy. Sleeping on your bed is also a must with this princess.