Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Come find out......

.......About our great new dogs in need of new homes.

We've adopted out ALL our dogs in the past week, can you believe that?!! Its a weird feeling, but nice as lots of our foster homes are still away on holidays. Its been extra nice because we haven't had alot of calls/emails from people/rescues asking for help with dogs either.

Then, got a few calls within a few days of each other of course, and now we have three new intakes and two in the wings, waiting for a foster home.

We took in Sophie after she served a three week sentance in the Coaldale shelter for being 'lost in public'. Her owners never came to take her home, so she joined PDCR yesterday and Bernice, her foster mom, says she gets along wonderfully with their little dogs, no messes in the house, no barking in the yard, the perfect older dog who just wants a pair of feet to lay by. Sophie is about 6 years old, and is a Heeler mix.

**Its not the greatest picture, foster mom says she is a smaller medium sized dog, about 35 pounds?**

Bruno was a PDCR puppy whose owners had some difficulties recently and have had to surrender Bruno back. We couldn't be happier to see him again, get to know him, and help him find a new home. Heres a picture of him before,

and now.
He grew up so nicely, can't wait to match him to a great home again.

Now, for another frustrating call!! A staff member from a vet clinic called me this afternoon saying that a lady was there wanting to put her old dog to sleep. The vet had checked the dog out, and had a bad feeling about ending his life just because of his age. He checked out quite healthy in fact, for being 13!! Mitch is now safe with PDCR and eager to have some kids in his life again, to make his golden years shine.

Mitch is said to be a Bearded Collie X......but I can't see that at all and not knowing that part, I would have labelled him more along the lines of a Sheltie X. Either way, he is cute, he's old, and just plain cute!

(Pictures of Mitch will be up tomorrow, not able to download tonight.)

**We have two older dogs waiting to come into PDCR, and then of course waiting for a new home. The family contacted us with alot of emotion as they in no way want to part with their dogs. A very sick son and living part time at the Children's Hospital have made 'normal' life, not so normal for them as a couple, as a family, nevermind as pet owners. It is a very sad thing as these people absolutely love their dogs and it shows.

The dogs are K-Leeand Tysen
They are medium sized mixed breeds. K-Lee is a Shep X Lab and Tysen is a Black Lab X. They are 8 and 7 respectively. Both are loved family members and deserve to have a new home to keep them together for the rest of their lives. Are you that home?

Please come on out on Saturday for the Dogs in the Park meet. To be held at Gyro Park, located on the corner of 16th Street and 10 A Ave South. We'll be out there from 1 - 4. Hope to see you there.
Lots of people ask to donate items that we need. Normally we don't need much, toys and treats, and chewies are always welcome. But, with the new senior dogs that we've taken in, we find ourselves in need of senior food (kibbles), soft beds/old comforters, and things like that. If you would like to donate a bag of food, Mitch in particular is in need of corn-free kibble as he is allergic to corn.