Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We got this little cutie into PDCR on Wednesday. He instantly got a temporary foster home that took him to Calgary for the long weekend, and now he's back in Lethbridge and ready for his debut.
This is RINGO

He is a tiny little guy, his pictures, no matter what angle I take them at, make him look way bigger then he is. I thought of saying that he is the size of a cat, but if you've ever seen my cats, you would again think that Ringo is big! So, I measured him for you. He is 14 inches high, 7 inches thick, 20 inches long, and 14 pounds. Compared to my neighbor's cat, he is just barely bigger then her normal sized kitty.

Speaking of kitties, Ringo loves them and would very much like to wrestle and play hide and seek with a kitty. He is aware of their claws, and stays out of reach, but play bows and tries to entice the kitties to play. Same with other dogs, he is aware of snaps when he is humping them, and will bounce away before they get him! He is getting neutered tomorrow, so the humping should cease soon. He also likes to carry leaves around and show them to visitors!

He is a very calm and very well natured pup. Surprisingly so actually! He was happy to just lay at my feet while we watched TV the other night. He is also very good in his crate, only a few paws at the bars and a few whines, then he relaxes. Ringo is about 8 months old and was dumped out of a car in Coaldale about a month ago.

Ringo is ready for a home with other dogs, cats and kids, he will be happy with some or all of that!