Thursday, October 4, 2007

First Post

"A Few Good Dogs" All of these dogs have found their forever homes through PDCR.

I am not sure why, but I think that this blog could become quite popular. I guess the goal of the blog is to share with people the stories about our dogs. Not "our" dogs. But the dogs that we save, rehab, and find homes for. Doing Rescue work is a thankless job- one that really doesn't have a lot of benefits- in fact, it can be very, very difficult work. Some days I wonder why I do this, and others it is very obvious that what we do makes a difference and is very much worth it. Lets make a short list of the top 5 pros/cons of rescue work shall we? (in my opinion)

1) Fleas....ugh....without a doubt the ickiest thing about strays or reserve rescues
2) Behavior Problems- there is nothing worse than getting a call at 10pm from a frantic foster home who is at their wits end.
3) Vetting- it's never fun to see a vet bill at the end of the month
4) Stress- you could not imagine how stressful this can be
5) Not being able to save them all. I will always remember the dog we had to leave on the road.

1) The feeling you get when the dog you saved walks away with their new family and doesn't look back.
2) The first time that terrified dog wags her tail at you
3) The puppy you didn't think was going to make it- but does.
4) Making that PERFECT match
5) Knowing that you are making a difference.

Throughout this blog I hope to share rescue stories, pictures, information about our program, and most of all let you all see the inside works of a rescue run by two woman who have more than enough to do already but just can't stop.