Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just like Butter

Just like Butter this dog melts. Meet Neena. She is a 12 week old purebred Border Collie. This little gal was one of three sold at an auction. Yes, an auction. No one bid on the little thing so she was left there- the other two were sold. Neena was saved by a kind hearted woman on the lookout. Good thing! As this pup is super sweet and very, very cute.

Neena seems to be a very typical border collie. Soft and Mushy!!! She wants to please you in the worst way but she just can't figure it out quite yet. Neena loves people and although takes a while to get to you (she's very wiggly!) once she comes she is snuggly and loves attention. She is great with other dogs and although hasn't figured out how to play with them I am sure it will come. Neena also doesn't seem to mind the cats at all. If anything she is a bit afraid of them!

She is very interested in food and will do just about anything for a cookie. She discovered where the kibble is kept and was pretty obsessive about it. She seems to enjoy balls, but doesn't really understand squeaky toys....this too will change I am sure.

I can't say enough great things about this little dog. She is going to make someone a fabulous companion!