Monday, October 22, 2007

In and Out

So over the past week we have adopted out two great dogs- one of the great things about a succesful adoption is that it opens up space for new dogs. Waiting in the wings to come in are:

Destiny- female, border collie cross. Very sweet and affectionate. Can be shy of new people, but is overall a really nice little dog. She just wandered into someones acreage a few weeks ago- no one has come forward to claim her so she is looking for a new home.

Kokanee- 6 year old, female, Golden Retriever. Poor Kokanee was given up by her owners when they decided to move. They simply dropped her off at the county pound- knowing that she would be given only a week to live there. Instead of euthanising a perfectly good dog they have contacted us. So Kokanee will be moving to the city to find a loving permanent home.

Neena- 9 week old, female Border Collie. Can you believe that this dog was sold at an auction? Yes, apparently they sell dogs at auctions now-a-days. This little pup was the last of three and no one wanted her. I will have more information about her later today.