Monday, October 8, 2007

New Additions

Well in the past few days we've had two new additions, and one dog returned to us. It has been kind of a sad weekend.

First- we got Louie- he is a Poodle Cross, very sweet and loves everyone. He has adjusted really well and is dong great in his foster home. Louie is a doll and I am sure we will find that perfect home soon for him. This little guy has legs that go on forever and would do great in an active home.

And then today, Link arrived. He is a purebred Bichon who was surrendered to us. He is going to be neutered and vaccinated this week so will be available for adoption in a few days. Link seems like a very nice little guy but you can tell that he is missing his family. He is friendly with women and is great with kids. But Link has not had good experiences with men so will need some work on that. He seems to really like his "foster dad" though, so I think that with time and patience he will overcome his fear. Link is housetrained, and is great with cats and other dogs. He is just over a year old so is quite playful still.

And we are getting Tala back. This makes me really sad as Tala really deserved a loving home- forever. Instead she is coming back to us and will placed into a foster home, and then moved again into a permanent one. This doesn't happen often but when it does I always feel horrible. Tala is back because she wrecks things when she is left loose in the house and the family did not want to lock their dog up in that nasty crate. She also still gets into the garbage and jumps on people. Tala is one of the four we saved off the reserve a few months ago. She is a Sheltie cross who is very, very sweet. Tala is one of those dogs whose eyes just melt you. She has the softest expression and is a super snuggler. She is also a young dog of herding genetics- she loves to play fetch, will chase and bite, and being a reserve dog will scrounge for food. Despite her bad habits she is truly a great little dog and I hope to find her a great home. Soon.

I haven't had a chance to update petfinder yet with all these guys but I will tomorrow!